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Missing Canoe
Missing Canoe Cat?

July 1, 2022

We have had one of our canoes disappear from our shoreline. It is pretty special to us so if anyone had found it or seen it could you please let us know.


Found: Black cat
Lost Cat?

January 14, 2022

An Islander has been feeding the cat in this picture and would like to notify it's owner. Please contact the AIA at if you have any information that might help.

He has been spotted on Danbell Rd., Acton Island.

See also on Facebook.

Found: Small pack from Glen Abbey golf course

July 21, 2021

Found a small pack from Glen Abbey golf course on Innisfree near the Acton Island Road.

Contact me at 905-442-7002 or come by to 1273 Innisfree to recover your lost pack. Jan Gerrow

Missing: Lily pad.

June 11, 2021

Has anyone seen this lily pad? Missing from 1554 Acton Island Road

If found, please call Audrey Mehler at 604-618-7547

Tubing and Wake Boarding

Aug 21 2020

Hi everyone, As we are all getting ready to enjoy this beautiful weekend, we want to bring to your attention a concern that has been raised by multiple members. A number of boaters are using the channel between Acton Island and Muskadasa Island for tubing and wake boarding. The wakes caused by these activities are causing unwanted disruption and damage to the docks and boathouses along this channel. Your neighbours would like to ask that you consider using the larger open water near Bass Island and Mortimer's Point for these types of activities so that the wakes have a chance to dissipate before reaching shore. Thank you kindly for your consideration

Found: Towable tube.

July 29 2019

Towable tube. After windstorm Monday, July 29.

Contact: Lisa…

Lost: Swim platform, with ladder bolt holes.

July 6 2019

We are missing an almost-new swim platform, with ladder bolt holes, missing from our dock, north side of Acton Island, close to the bridge.
Thank you

Contact: Judy

Services: Internet Access

June 17 2019

A note from AIA Director Howard Day on the Internet access options available to Acton Island properties:
AIA-Internet-Access-Note-2019-06-17 [PDF]

Found: Two tables.

June 4 2019

Two tables have washed up on our shoreline.
a) small wooden rectangular slatted table with drop leaves.
b) round blue-grey coffee table made from composite as used in Muskoka
   Chairs......very heavy.

Call: 705-762-1799

Available: Queen mattress and box spring.

June 4 2019

We have a queen mattress and box spring, would be perfect for bunkie or cabin. Has had special mattress cover since purchased. Free !

Call: 705-762-1799

Stuffed Animal Toy
Found: Stuffed Animal Toy.

June 4 2019

One of our neighbours in Dudley’s Bay reached out yesterday. A child's stuffed animal washed up on their island and they would love to get it back to its owner.

Contact: Phil ,

Boat Fuel Container
Found: Boat Fuel Container.

May 5 2019

We found around May 5th weekend this floating in our boathouse. If this is yours please contact us at to recover your item.

S Racey ,

Lost: Two yellow kayaks in Dudley bay.

August 18 2018

We had two yellow kayaks go missing in Dudley bay. They may or may not be tied together. They are cricket dimensions. Please let us know if you have seen them

Haly Peper, 403-971-2177

Notice: Recent break-in

July 30 2018

Attention Acton Island Association Members!

As a reminder that we must be ever vigilant, we were notified today that an AIA member’s boathouse was broken into while the residents were up in their cottage. Apparently the thieves, targeting money and/or jewellery, broke in through an open screen window. The suspicion is that the thieves approached via the water. Please keep a watchful eye over your property and those of your neighbour’s too.

The Directors
Acton Island Association

Found: A black and silver paddle.

July 23 2018

Found a black and silver paddle. Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone.

Trevor, , 416-898-5004

Lost: White windsurfer board

July 23 2018

Lost a white windsurfer board a few weeks ago. No distinctive markings. Main keel/rudder was not attached. Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone.

Trevor, , 416-898-5004

Found: Pontoon boat bumper/fender

July 12 2018

We found a bumper/fender from a pontoon boat floating just off our dock. If it's yours call 705 762 0055 to identify & pick up.

Jim Peirce, 1490 Acton Island Rd

Lost: kayak, orange/yellow with "Quest 100"

July 11 2018

In the big storm on June 30th, one of my Pelican kayaks went missing from the dock. It is orange/yellow with "Quest 100" on the side. I am located on the north-east side of the island, two cottages from the bridge - 1159 Acton Island Road.
If you found it, please contact me at 416-305-1473 or by email -

Lost: kayak, blue 14.5 feet

June 18 2018

Lost: kayak, blue 14.5 feet, serial number QRQO4483E616.
Last seen on our dock June 12, Apiary Road.
If found, please contact Will Stewart 705.763.6642

Summer Employment

May 7, 2018

Field of Greens Muskoka Market is Muskoka’s premiere gourmet food store and bakery. We are currently hiring several cashier/customer service positions at the Port Carling store and at the Willmotts store at Beaumaris. These are summer positions, up to 5 days per week. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing staff to join our team. Please email a resume to David at Visit our website for more information


Found: Mercury metal gas tank

June 30, 2017

We have a Mercury metal gas tank found floating near our dock at 1490 Acton Island Road on June 30

Paul Mills.

Found: Board

April 17, 2017

Found this on our dock.

We're the last cottage on Wynanne. 416-560-9164 /

Bala Falls Hydro Project - Update

September 4, 2015

Letter to Minister Mauro from AIA re Bala Falls (Sept. 2015)

Bala Falls Hydro Project

July 2015

From: Peter Weissman Subject: The Bala Falls To: Date: Monday, July 6, 2015, 10:34 AM Good morning. I am sending this email to fellow Muskoka cottagers who may be interested in following what is happening with the proposed power plant in Bala. It would be a real shame to lose these beautiful falls for the production of energy that is not needed in Ontario. Not only will the falls be lost but the power plant will forever change the look and feel of Bala. The plant is proposed to be built right beside Hwy 169 in Bala and will be an eyesore that towers over the highway (and blocks the beautiful view down the Moon River). There is a lot of information about this whole issue at Whatever your views are about this proposed power plant, I think this information will be of interest. Regards Peter Attachment(pdf): Stop Bala Falls Hydro Project

Bala Falls Hydro Project - Information

March 2015

The Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) has taken an official stand opposing the Bala Falls project. We suggest that AIA members review page 5 of the MLA Newsletter link below:

We also encourage members to review the Swift River Energy Limited website which includes Project Updates at February 2015, including notes regarding a Bala Working Committee:

Bala Falls Hydro Project

March 2015

From: Peter Weissman
Subject: Bala Falls Power Plant
To: "Acton Island Association"
Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015, 10:51 PM

Dear Members:

I know that there are members who are for and against the proposed Power Plant in Bala. Momentum is gaining for approval of a plant but there are so many unanswered questions. If you are interested, below is an email I sent to the Mayor and council members. Feel free to use it if you like.

From: Peter Weissman
Sent: March 10, 2015 5:03 PM
To: Furniss, Donald; Edwards, Allen; Kruckel, Donelda; McTaggart, Gault; Baranik, Jean-Ann; Barrick-Spearn. Linda; Harding, Phil; Nishikawa, Ruth-Ellen
Subject: Bala Falls Power Plant

Honourable Mayor and Councillors:

I understand that negotiations are continuing with Swift River Energy regarding reducing the use of Margaret Burgess Park and increasing use of the Portage Landing and that a discussion and possible decision may be made this week. I would like to go on record as a constituent who is adamantly opposed to the building of the proposed power plant. Despite my objection to the project as a whole, I am concerned about the process and what I perceive to be a lack of transparency in this whole debate. I still don't know what the final structure would look like, how much of the view over moon river will be blocked and what Bala has to gain from the power plant.

I urge you not to make any deals with Swift River Energy until your constituents know what, in totality, is being proposed from all perspectives and have had a chance to state their opinions. I can tell you that you do not have my proxy to approve any deal with Swift River Energy now.

Thank you for considering my opinion.